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If you fight seasonal allergies, you know how difficult it can be to spend time outside, enjoy your usual activities, and feel 100%. Our Allergy Patch can use the power of antihistamines to reduce the symptoms caused by allergies.

If you are seeking a Anti-Inflammatory option, our transdermal patch may help relieve pain and inflammation in small areas of the body. Whether it be pain from exercising to arthritis, transdermal delivery systems can be the best options. 

Do your customers need a natural defense against the effects of alcohol? A blend of vitamins and nutrients applied transdermally can reduce the body’s natural reaction to alcohol. Our Hangover Patch may provide that needed relief. 

With the changing seasons, illness can strike. Prepare for the demand from your customers by purchasing our Immune Booster Patch. Our patch may help your immune system function optimally despite the threats of viruses or disease. 

Our Mosquito and Insect Patch offers a convenient way to protect yourself against mosquitos and other biting insects through transdermal delivery. The need to spray oneself with chemicals is reduced with the success of all-natural, transdermal defence systems. 

Our Melatonin Patch offers a topical supplement compared to oral delivery. Our patches may help your customers sleep better, diminish jet lag, and increase overall wellness. 

Omega 3 and coQ 10 Patch is known for offering all-natural fatty acids essential to your body’s health along with complementary nutrients, creating a hassle free way for your customers to potentially have increased brain function, eyesight and joint health. 

Resveratrol is known for regenerating tissue down to the cellular level. Our Resveratrol Patch offers a plethora of potential benefits, ranging from anti-cancer effects, increasing heart health, helping brain function, aiding weight loss, and helping with hair and skin appearance. Transdermal delivery of this powerful antioxidant is revolutionary. 

To learn more about the benefits of transdermal patches or to place a wholesale order, Patch Export is here. We are experts in the effectiveness and conveniences of transdermal delivery systems.