Patch Export, LLC manufactures transdermal patches for a wide range of markets. From importers and agents to retail outlets and direct marketers, our patches are available for purchase in select countries around the world. Once a customer has purchased our patches, they are in control of how the product is marketed and what channels they target. 

Some of our best selling products include the:

  •  Amino Acid patch
  •  B12 patch
  • Calcium patch (CA patch)
  • Our new CBD patch
  • Energy patch
  • Hangover patch (HO patch)
  • Fat burner patch
  • Immune booster patch (IB patch)
  • Anti-inflammatory patch
  • Mosquito/insect patch (B1 Thiamine patch)
  • Male enhancement patch (MP patch)
  • Female aphrodisiac patch
  • Melatonin patch
  • Nitric oxide booster patch
  • Multi-vitamin patch
  • Stress relief patch
  • Omega 3 & coQ 10 patch (oQ patch)
  • Vitamin C patch
  • and the Glutathione patch

While we will not give you suggestions on how to market these products, we do offer all of the ingredients used and allow the customer to designate how they will advertise the patches. Our customers ultimate consumers are health-conscious, active users who rely on hassle free vitamin and herbal supplements to manage any illness, sleeplessness, anxiety, or other issues they face. 

We recommend that our customers designate the appropriate channels for volume distribution or those that sustain a higher retail price in their respective countries. ​Prices from Patch Export, LLC allow the customer to earn substantial profit margins. Retail prices to the consumer are often five times and, in most cases, ten times what we charge our wholesale customers. Our pricing allows our customers to resell the products at a reasonable price while making a significant profit.