Patch Export excels in developing and manufacturing wholesale transdermal patches created for your daily life. With a wide range of vitamins and supplements, and the demand increasing for accessible essential supplements, our all-natural patches satisfy the needs of your customers. 

Amino Acids combine to form proteins. They promote healing, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and can even reduce pain. Our Amino Acid Patch has the potential to combat and alleviate these issues. 

Calcium is essential to the body’s development. It supports the growth of your bones and your teeth and also helps with high energy levels and a healthy metabolism. Patch Export has created a Calcium transdermal patch that works with other vitamins to help your body.

Collagen is a building block in your body; it makes up a large majority of your protein by providing structure, support and filtration to your body. Our transdermal collagen patch may help keep your skin glowing and young. As your natural collagen production decreases as you age, our patches can aid your customers in sustaining the levels needed!

Found in your muscles, Creatine is made by the body but can also be ingested as it is found in certain foods. For your customers who struggle to find foods with creatine, order our transdermal patch. The Creatine Patch can improve athletic performance, decrease depression, bipolar disorder, congestive heart failure, and much more. 

Looking for a boost in your Nitric Oxide levels? Order our Nitric Oxide Patch. Supporting healthy blood pressure levels, cardiovascular and heart health, promoting circulation and providing antioxidant support are some of the potential benefits of this patch!

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