For customers who are seeking enhancement, Patch Export offers a series of patches tailored towards men and women. We offer enhancement, aphrodisiac, and potency patches. Male potency patches and female potency patches could potentially help increase fertility, sex drive and lead to greater satisfaction for you and your partner. Male enhancement transdermal patches provide an all-natural and safe way to increase your sex drive, create confidence in the bedroom, and enhance the sexual experience. Female aphrodisiac patches can help women increase their libido, increase sexual desire, capacity, and pleasure. These patches can allow men and women to reclaim their sex life. 

For women who are looking to feel more confident without going under the knife, Patch Export has created the breast enhancement patch. The patch has the potential to enlarge, lift, enhance, and firm breasts in a non-invasive solution. 

Patch Export has also created a natural testosterone booster patch. For men and women, this patch has the potential to increase libido and sex drive and assist in fat burn, as well as help raise levels and increase energy. Similar to the natural testosterone booster patch, the Dhea patch is a steroidal supplement that can help with sexual function, lower the risk of diabetes, and increase overall health and quality of life. For the customers who are looking to repair damaged muscle or aid in working out, our IGF-1 & MGF Patch creates the perfect combination. It has the ability to potentially mimic the natural increase of these two hormones to maximize and repair in the growth process. 

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